Saturday, 27 February 2010

Video Highlighting the Nationally Important Glass Collections & Archives Held at Broadfield House Glass Museum

A video has been produced, highlighting the national importance of the glass collections and archives held at Broadfield House Glass Museum.
Featuring Graham Knowles, Charles Hajdamach and Janet Hendry.

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  1. Congratulations on an excellent video.

    I completely support the campaign to keep the glass museum and to keep it in the beautiful and harmonious architecture of Broadfield house. I can identify easily savings which would make up the shortfall in revenue, simply by cutting one or two top-brass (not front-line!) overpaid bureaucrat's jobs at Dudley Council. But the real aim should be to get the museum safely away from the Council and back into the hands of the people who love it & understand it and have done so much for it in the past. Never trust bossy authorities, Power to the People!

    Maddy Westrop UK Independence Party PPC - "The Real Opposition"